Three-Level System of Prehospital Pediatric Readiness



Our prehospital recognition program is a three level system that starts with our foundation level, Level III. Our leveling system mimics the TCD leveling system, with Level I being the most comprehensive recognition level.

As we built this recognition program, we evaluated what it means to be ready for pediatric patients and noted that being ready did not solely rely on each individual providers' skills--being pediatric ready encompasses equipment needs, education requirements, service culture, and community preparedness.

As you review the requirements for each level of sticker, you will note that all of these aspects are purposefully built into the program to ensure our EMS agencies embrace a truly holistic approach to taking care of their community's kids.

Recognition Levels

For all Levels

Once you have completed the steps listed, email the Missouri EMSC office the required documents and the number of stickers you will need for your fleet. Liz will then send you a press release to review and ask for the names of local paper(s) for dissemination.

Stickers will go in the mail shortly after that!

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    Level III

    In order to achieve our foundation level recognition, your service must complete the following:

    • Designate a PECC for your agency and provide EMSC with contact information a. Designated individual(s) must sign the PECC Pledge below.
    • Review equipment checklist and confirm that you carry all required pediatric equipment. a. Initial by each equipment piece you carry and return with PECC Pledge

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    Level II

    In order to achieve our Level II recognition, your service must meet and maintain all the requirements of Level III designation. Additional requirements are included below.

    • Submit your annual mandatory training requirements for pediatrics. Training must include the following for each provider:
      • pediatric simulation (high-fidelity OR low-fidelity) training event
      • skills station training events
      • maintenance of provider’s PEPP/PALS certification
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    Level III

    In order to achieve our highest level of recognition, your service must meet all the requirements of previous levels and must show a commitment to community outreach. Included below are the additional requirements for this level.

    • Submit proof of one annual education event geared towards teachers/daycares/other childcare providers
      This event should be centered on teaching skills to non-medical audiences that are essential to survival in a pediatric medical/traumatic emergency (i.e., Stop the Bleed, Infant and Child CPR, Emergency Management Planning)
    • Submit proof of one annual education event geared towards parents and families
      This event should be centered around injury prevention methods, connecting families with needed pediatric community resources, and ensuring knowledge of basic life- saving maneuver (i.e., reviews of family emergency plans, infant and child CPR courses, review of common household emergencies and how they can prepare/prevent, car seat installation reviews)
    • Submit proof of one annual education event geared towards the pediatric population specifically
      This event should focus on injury prevention and expanding their knowledge of possible emergent situations and the 911 system (i.e., Bike safety events, teen driving seminars, drug prevention, etc.)

Completed all the steps for a level?