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The National EMS Survey closed on March 31st, 2022. Missouri ended with 85% completion rate from our EMS agencies and we are so thankful for all of your participation! NEDARC is currently working to finalize the results of the survey and our office will share the data widely when available.

The Missouri EMS for Children State Partnership grant is held by the University of Missouri's School of Medicine and MU Health Care.  Our office is housed within the MU Health Care Emergency Services service line. 

The overall mission of the Missouri Emergency Medical Services for Children (MOEMSC) Program is to reduce pediatric morbidity and mortality due to acute illness and injury by building a strong, sustainable network of health care providers that promotes quality, evidenced-based emergency care for pediatric patients. This mission will be achieved through increased education opportunities, process improvement projects, and advocacy efforts.

You can learn more about each program and how to participate through the tiles below. If you are a registered MOEMSC PECC or are interested in becoming one, please see the sidebar and navigate to your appropriate page.

Free virtual education events with continuing education credits attached.

Missouri EMS for Children will be hosting a virtual Webinar and Tele-Simulation series from January 2021 - December 2021. These virtual events are geared towards EMS professionals and staff at non-pediatric hospitals. The series will cover 6 pediatric emergency care topics and will alternate monthly between an Ask the Expert Webinar Panel and a Tele-Simulation Event.

Each Ask the Expert Panel will be lead by teams from the four Missouri pediatric hospitals and will consist of a brief topic overview, a case-based learning experience, and time for a Q&A session. The Tele-Simulation Events will follow the webinar, and will be our hands-on learning experience to reinforce the knowledge gained through the Ask the Expert webinar.

These events will be hosted through Canvas, the learning management system utilized by our office. You do not need to participate in all 12 events in order to register. If you are interested in participating, we ask that you watch the short video below on how to register for an account and get started with these events at your agency.

Each event will be held at 10:00am CT, on the last Wednesday of each month. Continuing education credits will be provided. Registration is free.

Thank You!

This series would not be possible without the dedicated team of clinicians and educators that have come together to provide free, easily accessible, quality education. Missouri EMSC is grateful for our ongoing collaborative partnership with our pediatric resource centers, and appreciate their recognition of the importance of these events in our combined mission of better pediatric emergency care across Missouri.

Thank you to our teams from:

  • SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital
  • St. Louis Children's Hospital
  • The Children's Mercy - Kansas City
  • Women's and Children's Hospital

Dates and Topics

Topic #1: Pediatric Trauma

Ask the Expert: 1/26/2022

Tele-Simulation: 2/23/2022

Topic #2: Pediatric Special Needs

Ask the Expert: 3/30/2022

Tele-Simulation: 4/27/2022

Topic #3: Pediatric Mental Health

Ask the Expert: 5/25/2022

Tele-Simulation: 6/29/2022

Topic #4: Pediatric Seizures

Ask the Expert: 7/27/2022

Tele-Simulation: 8/31/2022

Topic #5: Pediatric Resuscitation

Ask the Expert: 9/28/2022

Tele-Simulation: 10/26/2022

Topic #6: Pediatric Respiratory

Ask the Expert: 11/30/2022

Tele-Simulation: 12/28/2022

The Missouri EMSC office has established a pediatric readiness recognition program for prehospital agencies.

Our prehospital recognition program is a three level system that starts with our foundation level, Level III. Our leveling system mimics the TCD leveling system, with Level I being the most comprehensive recognition level.

As we built this recognition program, we evaluated what it means to be ready for pediatric patients and noted that being ready did not solely rely on each individual providers' skills--being pediatric ready encompasses equipment needs, education requirements, service culture, and community preparedness.

As you review the requirements for each level of sticker, you will note that all of these aspects are purposefully built into the program to ensure our EMS agencies embrace a truly holistic approach to taking care of their community's kids.

Level III Recognition

In order to achieve our foundation level recognition, your service must designate a PECC and confirm that you carry all required pediatric equipment. Please see the document below for required forms.

Prehospital Recognition - Level III

Level II Recognition

In order to achieve our Level II recognition, your service must meet Level III requirements and show mandated, hands-on training requirements for providers. Please see the document below for an outline of specific mandatory training needs.

Prehospital Recognition - Level II

Level I Recognition

In order to achieve our highest level of recognition, your service must meet all the requirements of previous levels and must show a commitment to community outreach. Please see the document below for an outline of events needed.

Prehospital Recognition - Level I

Missouri EMSC has established seven training equipment libraries throughout the state. All equipment is free to loan to any EMS or hospital provider.

Through outreach efforts, MOEMSC has had multiple services and EDs state that a lack of a pediatric training manikin hinders them from being able to run skills or scenario training. In order to help eliminate this barrier, we have created training equipment libraries.

The libraries are hosted at various EMS agencies and hospitals across the state for a 6-month rotation. All hosts are instructed to allow for equipment loans to EMS and hospital staff throughout their area, so please reach out to the host agency or MOEMSC office if you are interested in utilizing equipment.

If you are interested in hosting an equipment library at your facility in the future, please fill out the application below.

The equipment currently available at each library is:​

  • 1 Prestan CPR Infant with Feedback Device
  • 1 5-year-old Gaumard CPR and Trauma Trainer Manikin
  • 1 Life/form Micro-Preemie Simulator

The Columbia library lives with the EMSC office and has various equipment available for loan. The list of current available equipment at the Columbia library can be found here: Columbia Equipment Library

Training Library - Host Application

Please find the application for hosting an equipment library below. You must have a registered PECC with our office in order to host a library. Upon completion, please email the application to Danielle Lee, leedani@health.missouri.edu.

MOEMSC Training Equipment Library Application

Training Library - Loan Application

If you are interested in utilizing any of the equipment from our Training Equipment Libraries, please fill out the application below and return it to Danielle Lee at leedani@health.missouri.edu

MOEMSC Training Equipment Loan Application

Current Library Hosts - January 2021 - June 2021

  • The Children's Mercy - Kansas City
  • Holt Community Fire Protection District
  • St. Francois Ambulance District
  • Rock Township Ambulance District
  • Monroe City Ambulance District
  • Montgomery County Ambulance District

Missouri EMSC office often receives inquiries from other State EMSC Program Managers on how to get in touch with the STARS Program. In order to help relieve communication bottlenecks between our office, your office, and the STARS Program (I know...I lose your emails sometimes...sorry!) we are providing a direct link for the STARS Program.

At the 2019 All Grantee Meeting, Tricia Casey from the STARS (Special Needs Tracking and Awareness Response System) Program presented on her comprehensive approach to caring for children with special healthcare needs across the entire emergency spectrum.

Since this presentation, the Missouri EMSC office has connected several state EMSC Program Managers with the STARS Office to learn more about the program, and how they can better improve care for CYSHCN in their state. As stated above, to prevent communication bottlenecks, you will find a brief overview of the STARS Program and a link to their direct page below. Direct contact information to the program coordinators is available at this link.

The STARS program helps coordinate and coach ambulance districts, fire districts and community hospitals to:

  • Recognize the special needs of patients inside their coverage area
  • Undergo the appropriate, specialized training to care for these patients’ special medical needs

The goal is to have pertinent patient information in the hands of the medical professionals before they even arrive at the patient’s side. This way they can provide the care needed immediately and skillfully. Ultimately, this decreases anxiety, pain, and unnecessary measures for the patient. It also decreases stress on the healthcare provider. Our goal is to achieve better outcomes for our patients, faster.

STARS Program

Please find access to council meeting minutes and other documents related to the administration of the Missouri EMSC office here.

Grant Year 1 - April 1, 2018- March 31, 2019

Grant Year 2 - April 1, 2019- March 31, 2020

Below you will find meeting minutes and other administrative presentations at the link below:

Grant Administration - 2019-2020

Grant Year 3 - April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021

Below you will find meeting minutes and other administrative presentations at the link below:

Grant Administration - 2020 - 2021

Results from the January 2020 NEDARC EMS Survey