Alaska EMS for Children

About the Alaska EMSC Program

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The Alaska EMSC program is housed in the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Division of Public Health, Section of Rural and Community Health Systems, Office of EMS, located in Juneau. The program is federally-funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resource Services Administration, Maternal Child Health Bureau, EMSC Program.

Since 1989, Federal EMSC funds have supported State EMS efforts to assure that the unique health care needs of the pediatric population are always considered.

The Federal EMSC Program has developed a set of Performance Measures to document activities and accomplishments of each state’s program in improving the delivery of emergency services to children. These measures provide an ongoing, systematic process for tracking the goals of the EMSC Program; allow for continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of key EMSC Program activities; identify potential areas of performance improvement; and more.

Alaska EMSC Mission

The Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program is designed to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity sustained as a result of severe illness and injury. It aims to ensure state of the art emergency medical care is available; to ensure that pediatric services are well integrated into an emergency medical services (EMS) system; and to ensure that the entire spectrum of emergency services, including primary prevention of illness and injury, acute care, and rehabilitation is provided to children and adolescents.

  1. Improving pre-hospital pediatric emergency care readiness through developing quality improvement processes, designating pediatric care coordinators, establishing training and skills processes, promoting increased community outreach projects and connecting Alaskan providers with 24/7 pediatric medical direction.
  2. Increasing hospital pediatric emergency care readiness through the alignment of the Alaska Trauma Verification Program with the Pediatric Facility Recognition Program, supporting the Alaska Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative and encouraging statewide hospital participation in all National Pediatric Readiness Project Assessments.
  3. Integrating EMSC Priorities into the Alaska State EMS System.

How Are EMSC Goals Accomplished?

The Alaska EMSC program is able to demonstrate progress towards the EMSC Performance Measures and achieve its goals through an active EMSC Advisory Committee, which is a task force with representation throughout the state and from many disciplines, working with the EMS agencies and hospitals; collecting data to identify gaps in children’s emergency care and providing up-to-date information on children’s care.