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Research Highlights



The purpose of Research Highlights is to increase awareness among parents/caregivers about pediatric health care best practices utilizing results from recently completed studies by the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network.

Fall 2015 | Download Research Highlights
Your child has hit her head and you take her to the Emergency Department. Does she need a Computed Tomography (CT) scan? According to the latest research, CT scans are not needed for all head injuries.

Winter/Spring 2015 | Download Research Highlights
You are worried about your baby’s wheezing and take your child to the emergency department. Your baby is diagnosed with bronchiolitis. Should your baby be treated with a dose of steroids? According to the latest research, steroids do not help infants with bronchiolitis.

Fall 2014 | Download Research Highlights
The 2006 Institute of Medicine Report, Emergency Care for Children: Growing Pains, described the unique challenges of emergency care for children. Since the publication of this report, several high impact publications relevant to the field of emergency medical services for children (EMSC) have emerged. As the EMSC Program embarks upon its 30-year anniversary and reflects on 30 years of EMSC, the following list provides a snapshot of recent scholarly work in the field by past and present grantees.