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EMSC Program Manager's Toolkit


The Program Manager’s Toolkit updates and replaces the series of guides often informally referred to as the “Rainbow Series,” which included Getting Started and Moving Forward: An EMSC Toolkit for New State Partnership Managers; EMSC Project Management and Leadership Guide; and Best Practices: A Guide for State Partnership Grantees on the Implementation of EMSC Performance Measures. The toolkit also incorporates the updated interactive version of Public Policy Primer: A Guide on the Legislative Process and Impacting Change at the Federal, State, and Local Levels. Additionally, this toolkit is directly linked with Getting Started, Staying Involved: An EMSC Toolkit for Family Representatives.

The Program Manager’s Toolkit is designed to be intuitive and interactive to allow the user to proceed in a step-by-step fashion through each section or to navigate quickly and easily to specific sections or resources on an as-needed basis. The entire toolkit also can be downloaded in Word format. Download a list of a Acknowledgements.

Photo of EMSC program managers at EMSC Program Meeting


Section I: Getting to Know the EMSC Program

This section provides a brief history on the federal EMSC Program, including information on each EMSC grant type and the two federal resource centers: the EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center (EIIC), located in Houston, TX, and the National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC), located in Salt Lake City, UT.


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Section II: Understanding Emergency Systems of Care (EMS System)

This chapter provides an overview of the major structural and operational issues in EMS systems that are important to understanding the foundation of the EMSC performance measures.


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Section III: Understanding Emergency Systems of Care (Hospital System)

This section provides an overview of emergency departments (EDs) and the hospital/state systems in which they operate. Hospitals and EDs are important components of the continuum of emergency care for children as defined by the EMSC Program. Thus, EMSC managers are tasked with assuring that the needs of children are well integrated into this part of the emergency care system as well. 



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Section IV: About the Federal EMSC Program

Review this section to learn about the EMSC performance measures, the life cycle of the State Partnership grant, the Electronic Handbook, and how to adhere to grant reporting requirements.


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Section V: A Guide to Managing the SP Grant Program

To achieve sustainable and meaningful improvements in pediatric emergency care, State Partnership managers must become strategic leaders. This section discusses the program manager's roles and responsibilities, including how to implement the EMSC performance measure, build partnerships and collaboratives, prepare budgets, develop strategic plans, manage time effectively, and promote activities and accomplishments of the local program.


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Section VI: Public Policy: A Guide on the Legislative Process

This section will help grantees navigate the world of public policymaking. Specifically, grantees will learn how Congress is structured, how a federal bill becomes law, and how the EMSC Program fits into the federal decision-making process. Second, grantees will learn how to directly affect change, including how to communicate with elected officials.


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Section VII: An EMSC Toolkit for Family Representatives

This section provides tips on everything needed to help family representatives get started and stay involved in the planning and implementation of state EMSC activities, including maintaining an effective working relationship with the state EMSC project manager, recruiting community partners, and educating legislators.


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Section VIII: Tapping into Resources

The Program Manager's Toolkit is only one of many resources available to EMSC program managers. HRSA, the EMSC National Resource Center, and NEDARC have created a number of resources to assist State Partnership program managers in running their EMSC Program and implementing the performance measures. Visit this section to learn more.