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Pediatric Readiness

Will the ED Receive Feedback on the Assessment?

Each hospital that completed the 2013 assessment received immediate feedback in the form of a readiness score and a gap analysis report (see sample below). The "Pediatric Readiness Score" is based on a scale of 0-100 and reflects the following areas of the assessment:

  • Administration and Coordination;

  • Physicians, Nurses, and Other ED Staff;

  • QI/PI in the Emergency Department;

  • Pediatric Patient Safety;

  • Policies, Procedures, and Protocols; and

  • Equipment, Supplies, and Medications

Underneath the Pediatric Readiness Score, is an individualized "Pediatric Readiness Gap Analysis Report" that summarizes the facility's strengths and weaknesses within the key areas of the assessment. This report also directs facility staff to specific components of the Pediatric Readiness Toolkit.

Facilities participating in the 2015 reassessment, will also receive an electronic gap analysis report containing their new Readiness Score, compared to their 2013-14 Readiness Score (if applicable), as well as a breakdown of the overall scoring.

Note that a facility's Pediatric Readiness Score is not inclusive of all the components recommended for pediatric readiness; it represents a suggested starting point for emergency departments. Facilities are encouraged to carefully review the Guidelines for Care of Children in the Emergency Department to develop a comprehensive pediatric readiness program.