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Pediatric Readiness

What Is the Assessment Measuring?

The 2013 National Pediatric Readiness assessment and the 2015 Pediatric Readiness reassessment includes questions that address the following areas of the Joint Policy Statement: Guidelines for the Care of Children in the Emergency Department (published in Pediatrics, October 2009 and Annals of Emergency Medicine, October 2009):

  • Administration and Coordination;

  • Physicians, Nurses, and Other ED Staff;

  • QI/PI in the Emergency Department (ED);

  • Pediatric Patient Safety;

  • Policies, Procedures, and Protocols; and

  • Equipment, Supplies, and Medications

Note that the Guidelines for the Care of Children in the Emergency Department was authored by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Emergency Physicians, and the Emergency Nurses Association, and endorsed by 22 national organizations, including The Joint Commission.

The first deployment of the online assessment closed in 2013; however, the assessment portal reopened in November 2015 to allow those hospitals that completed the assessment in 2013 to reassess progress made in their readiness to care for children. To access the portal, go to www.PedsReady.org. Hospitals that did not participate in the 2013 assessment can participate in the 2015 reassessment.

To access a print copy of the assessment, download Pediatric Readiness Assessment and Scoring. This document not only includes a copy of the assessment, but also the scoring matrix that was used to generate an overall pediatric readiness score for each participating hospital. This information can be helpful for hospitals as they launch quality improvement efforts and want to track changes in their score over time.