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Pediatric Readiness


    Will the ED Receive Feedback on the Assessment?

    Each hospital that completed the assessment received immediate feedback in the form of a readiness score and a gap analysis report.

    What Is the Assessment Measuring?

    The National Pediatric Readiness assessment includes questions that address the following areas of the Joint Policy Statement: Guidelines for the Care of Children in the Emergency Department.

    How Is the Assessment Being Administered?

    The National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC) administered the assessment through a secure web-based system.

    What Resources Are Available to Improve An ED's Readiness Score?

    Once the nurse administrator/manager received a “Pediatric Readiness Score” and shared it with the facility's leadership and emergency department staff, he/she can return back to this website to access the Pediatric Readiness Toolkit.

    Who Should Complete the Assessment?

    Any facility with an emergency department (ED) that cares for children was asked to complete the assessment (excluding Veterans hospitals).

    Download Assessment and Scoring Matrix

    This document includes a copy of the assessment as well as the scoring matrix that was used to generate an overall pediatric readiness score for each participating hospital. This information can be helpful for hospitals as they launch quality improvement efforts and want to track changes in their score over time.