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Targeted Issue Historical Database

In 2013, the EMSC Program created the Targeted Issues Historical Database to track activities of the federal Targeted Issues grant program. Current and prospective grantees are encouraged to review all previous Targeted Issues projects and, when possible, build upon prior grantees' work to increase the depth and breadth of pediatric emergency care.

How to Use the Database:

1. Search by State: Choose a state from the drop-down list below to view all TI grants awarded within that state.

2. Search by Keyword: Choose a keyword from the drop-down list below to view all TI grants that address a specific topic of interest.

3. Customized Search: Click on "Customized Search" to select the state(s) and fields you would like to include in your customized report. More than 20 filter options are available.

Customize Search
Note that you can not combine the "Search by State" and "Search by Keyword" functions. If you would like to identify all keywords within a specific state, chose the "Custom Search" option.