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Webinar: The Next Generation of EMSC Performance Measures

September 12, 2016

The purpose of this webinar is to clearly describe each of the new EMSC Performance Measures and data collection requirements scheduled to begin on March 1, 2017. Presenters included: Moderator Jocelyn Hulbert from HRSA; Brooke Lerner PhD, the Principle Investigator of the Charlotte, Houston, Milwaukee PreHospital EMS (CHaMP) Research Node of PECARN; and Brian Moore MD, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of New Mexico and the New Mexico State EMSC Medical director. Ms. Hulbert reviewed the history behind the new measures and the specifics of each measure. Dr. Lerner discussed the value of the NEMSIS v.3x measure. Finally Dr. Moore reviewed the importance of the presence of a PECC (pediatric emergency care coordinator) within EMS agencies and the value of skill checking for EMT’s and paramedics on the use of pediatric equipment.

This webinar is appropriate for medical directors, EMS providers, emergency department physicians and nurses, community health planners, hospital administrators, clinical managers, state EMSC Program managers, family members, as well as others interested in improving pediatric emergency care.


EMSC 01 - Submission of NEMSIS Compliant V3.x Data

Information about the new EMS Performance Measure - EMSC 01 for the National EMS for Children Program

EMSC 02 - Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

An overview of the new EMSC 02 Performance Measure for the National EMS for Children Program.

EMSC 03 - Use of Pediatric Specific Equipment

An overview of the new EMSC 03 Performance Measure for the National EMS for Children Program which includes a process that requires EMSC providers to physically demonstrate the correct use of pediatric-specific equipment.

EMSC Performance Measures 2 and 3 (2018)

In May of 2018, NEDARC presented data collection results related to Performance Measure 2- the percentage of EMS agencies in the state or territory that have a designated individual who coordinates pediatric emergency care (PECC) and 3-the percentage of EMS agencies in the state or territory that have a process that requires EMS providers to physically demonstrate correct use of pediatric specific equipment. The slide set is available below. It includes final data results.

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