Additional Resources

EMSC Survey Data Collection

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Performance Measures 02 & 03

The National EMSC Data Analysis Resource Center (NEDARC) staff prepared a national report for the EMS for Children Program showing the results of pediatric emergency care coordination (EMSC 02) and skills-checking on pediatric equipment (EMSC 03). The report is based on responses provided by EMS agency administrators during the 2021 data collection process.

Pediatric Recognition Programs

During the 2021 Annual Grantee Meeting, three separate breakout sessions focused on various aspects of creating a pediatric facility recognition program. Click on the icons below to view the sessions.

  • 1st Session: Starting a Program in Your State (slides only)
  • 2nd Session: Sustainability
  • 3rd Session: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

Performance Measure Videos

The videos linked below were released in 2017 when the new Performance Measures rolled out. View each to get a brief overview of the measures.

EMSC 01 - Submission of NEMSIS Compliant V3.x Data

6 minutes

Listen to an overview of EMSC 01 as well as an interview with Dr. N. Clay Mann, NEMSIS Principal Investigator.

EMSC 02 - Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator

10 minutes

Listen to an overview of EMSC 02 as well as interviews with Morgan Scaggs, Kentucky EMS Project Director and Dr. Manish Shah, Prehospital/State Partnership Lead at the National EMS for Children Innovation and Improvement Center as well as Associate Professor at Baylor College of Medicine.

EMSC 03 - Use of Pediatric Specific Equipment

10 minutes

Listen to an overview of EMSC 03 as well as interviews with Tom Winkler (Former Pennsylvania EMS for Children Project Manager), Morgan Scaggs (Kentucky EMS Project Director), and Eric Hicken (New Jersey EMS for Children Program Manager).