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Every EMS Agency can be ready to provide emergency care to children.

We believe that:

If EMS agencies have a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC), the quality of care children receive in the prehospital setting will be better, and children will have better outcomes. This project will test that belief, and lead to information about how EMS can do their best work when caring for children.

Project Goals

Aim 1: Measure the impact having a highly functional PECC on Quality of EMS Clinical Care and Patient Outcomes.

Aim 1, Objective 1: Improved Quality of Clinical Care and Patient Outcomes for Pediatric EMS Patients

Aim 1, Objective 2: Measure Psychomotor and Cognitive Skills among EMS Providers before and after PECC designation

Aim 1, Objective 3 : Assess Family Satisfaction with EMS Care for Children

Aim 2: Determine effective means for designating and implementing PECCs in EMS agencies

Aim 3: Define the characteristics of an effective PECC

Aim 3, Objective 1: Derivation of a PECC Effectiveness Evaluation tool (PEET)

Aim 3, Objective 2: Validation of the PEET Among Partner EMS Agencies

Aim 3: Objective 3: Implementation and Outcome Assessment of PEET among EMS Agencies with PECCs

EMS Education and Gamification Podcast

News: Check out EMS Physician Educator Dr. Clare Wallner and our project leader Dr. Mark Cicero on the EMS Handoff Podcast. This fun, informative podcast has new content frequently.

Monthly Meetings of the Project Team and Agency Contacts