Pennsylvania — Targeted Issue

Developing a Pediatric Severity of Illness Model for Transport System Evaluation and Triage

Sept. 1, 1998 - Aug. 31, 2000

Grant Number
MCH424003 (H34MC00005)
Project Overview
Interfacility transport is a significant component of Emergency Medical Services for Children, but very little data has been disseminated or published to describe transport outcome and appropriateness of transport team selection. Critically ill and injured children often travel significant distances en route to a pediatric critical care center and are at significant risk of dying and experiencing unplanned events (morbidity) during transport, especially when transport personnel are uncomfortable or are not trained to care for pediatric emergencies. The goal of this project was to study transport outcome among transport systems that have different levels and types of pediatric training.
University of Pittsburgh
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Richard A Orr, MD
  • Principal Investigator
Kim Roth, MD, MPH
  • Principal Investigator