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Montana Establishing an EMS Continuum of Excellence

Oct. 1, 1997 - Sept. 30, 1999

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The goals of this project are to (1) establish an EMS Continuum of Excellence and a commitment to quality as the underlying philosophy for the strategic planning, operation, management, and improvement of all components of Montana's emergency medical services (EMS) system, including the provision of emergency medical care to pediatric patients; (2) ingrain the philosophy of quality for all components of Montana's EMS system; (3) establish and reward EMS services and facilities of excellence, share these best practices with other services, and modify EMS licensing rules to provide for licensing of services based on maintenance of a QI system; (4) improve the information and analysis components of the trauma care and EMS delivery system; (5) develop the system capability both locally and statewide to develop and monitor measurable performance indicators, and use this information to improve the EMS Continuum of Excellence; and (6) improve the medical direction component of Montana's EMS Continuum of Excellence.
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, EMS and Injury Prevention Section
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Drew Dawson
  • Principal Investigator