Nebraska — State Partnership

Nebraska EMSC State Partnership

Aug. 1, 1996 - Present

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Project Overview
GOALS/OBJECTIVES: Maintain continued compliance with the federal HRSA EMSC program performance measures by assuring state rules and regulations remain in place for submission of NEMSIS compliant data, hospital recognition for pediatric trauma, and integrating EMSC priorities into Statutes or Regulations. Nebraska will work to recognize hospital’s program managers and establish a recognized system for stabilizing and managing pediatric medical emergencies. Work towards 100% compliance of national pediatric equipment guidelines on patient care units of state authorized EMS services and conduct a pediatric readiness assessment with the state hospitals concerning capabilities to treat pediatric patients.
Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Public Health
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Western Plains


Name Role(s) Phone Email
Thomas Deegan, MD
  • Pediatric Medical Director/Advisor
Debbie Kuhn
  • Program Manager
(402) 471-0119
Lisa Sherman
  • FAN
Tim Wilson, MBA, NRP, EMSI, CCP
  • Program Director
(402) 471-0124


Title Format Description Published/Revised Availability
Emergency Guidelines for Nebraska Schools Protocol/Guidelines Guidelines for helping an ill or injured student when the school nurse is not available. 2019 Available Online
What the HECC is a PECC? Guidance/Information Learn what a PECC is and why it is important to have one at your EMS agency. 2019 Available Online
Procedures for Emergency Medical Care for Children Guidance/Information The Pediatric Procedures for Emergency Care is a resource to provide general first aid instruction for common childhood emergencies. They … 2016 Available Online
Pediatric Reference Card Reference Card/Guide The Pediatric Reference Card is a reference that includes pediatric vital signs, pain-rating scale, Rule of Nines, Glasgow Coma Scale … 2012 Available Online


Title Type Publication/Event Published/Presented Identifier Details
Virtual Pediatric Symposiums Poster 2021 EMSC All Grantee Meeting 2021