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On May 8, 2017, Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia signed Senate Bill 109, activating the nation’s first EMS licensure compact. With the 10th member state enactment, the Recognition of Emergency Medical Services Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) has become official.

States that have passed REPLICA to date include: Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Idaho, Utah, Mississippi, Wyoming and Georgia. Three more states have REPLICA bills under consideration in their legislative sessions. REPLICA is supported by twelve national associations and organizations. The press release announcing the 10th state signing of the legislation can be found here

Released in 2014, REPLICA’s model legislation creates a formal pathway for the licensed individual to provide pre-hospital care across state lines under authorized circumstances. According to Keith Wages, president of the National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO), “REPLICA represents a collective, nationwide effort to address the problems faced by responders when needing to cross state borders in the line of their duties.”

Manish Shah, member of the Executive Core, Prehospital/State Partnership Lead at the EIIC and co-chair of the National EMS Advisory Council (NEMSAC( Ad Hoc Committee on REPLICA explained the rationale and importance of the compact in a column. NEMSAC released an advisory on  REPLICA in September 2016. 

Learn more about REPLICA at www.emsreplica.org and for more information on how to become a REPLICA state, contact Sue Prentiss at sprenitss@emspreplica.org, or (603) 381-9195.