CMMI Released Integrated Care for Kids (INCK)


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovation Center (CMMI) was established as part of the Affordable Care Act to test models that “improve care, lower costs, and better align payment systems to support patient-centered practices.” The CMMI Integrated Care for Kids (InCK) model is CMMI’s first completely child-focused model developed to advance health payment and delivery system reform to improve health quality, population health, and achieve health cost savings. The detailed federal application announcement (the Notice of Funding Opportunity/NOFO) was released February 8th, and completed applications are due by June 10, 2019. The NOFO is here.

The Integrated Care for Kids (InCK) Model will test whether combining a local service delivery model coordinating integrated child health services and a state-specific alternative payment model (APM) to support coordination of those integrated services reduces health care expenditures and improves the quality of care for pediatric Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries

Additional information is available here.

Posted: Feb. 8, 2019