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Product Development and Dissemination Fact Sheet


Who: The EIIC Communications Team is a resource available to Targeted Issues (TI) grantees interested in developing products as part of their EMSC TI project.

What: The EIIC can assist grantees in the step-by-step process of product development and dissemination including: product idea formation, product layout, product dissemination, and product longevity. Product longevity includes providing a central location to house and promote products of interest to the EMSC community. The EIIC will work hand-in-hand with the grantee to identify goals, target audiences, ideal formats for large scale distribution, and more. The scope of the assistance is at the discretion of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and subject to the availability of resources and the relevance of the product to the broader EMS community.

How: The HRSA EMSC Program funds the EIIC to assist grantees. One of the many services available through the EIIC is product development support by the Communications Team. The Communications Team is composed of a senior communications specialist, a trauma and acute care specialist, and a program coordinator all of whom work in collaboration with the HRSA TI project officer/nurse consultant. In addition, when outside content expertise is needed, the EMSC Advisory Council may serve as a product review team to evaluate feasibility and ease of use.

Where: Initial planning and product development can be conducted remotely via telephone and video conferencing. However, depending on the scale of the product, grantees may have to travel to the EIIC during the final stages of development.

When: As initial planning discussions begin to determine the type of product to develop, the Program strongly encourages grantees to reach out to the EIIC. The Communications Team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the process of development and may be able to help create an effective product that would be useful to a broad audience. For assistance, please contact us.