Staffing, Exercises, Drills, and Training

Staffing, Exercises, Drills, and Training

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Pediatric Education in Disasters Manual

  • This is a manual for a 10-module training program that covers issues fundamental to the care of children involved in disasters. The Course structure comprises the delivery of lectures and then, the division of trainees in small workshops to develop hands-on activities, such as resolution of different scenarios and discussion of cases.

Pediatric Tabletop Exercise Toolkit for Hospitals

  • Developed by the Center for Pediatric Emergency medicine for New York City in collaboration with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Program, this 152-page toolkit provides a detailed instruction on developing, conducting and evaluating pediatric-focused tabletop exercises.

Psychosocial Impacts of Disasters on Children

  • This course addresses the unique psychosocial needs of children in disasters. It is geared towards all health professionals. The lesson includes "In the Field", which provide examples of how healthcare practitioners applied concepts related to the psychosocial welfare of children after an event.