Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

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Psychosocial Impacts of Disasters on Children

  • This course addresses the unique psychosocial needs of children in disasters. It is geared towards all health professionals. The lesson includes "In the Field", which provide examples of how healthcare practitioners applied concepts related to the psychosocial welfare of children after an event.

How to Empower Trauma Survivors Through Psychological First Aid

  • This Georgetown article explains that Psychological First Aid is an approach one can use to help someone who has experienced trauma feel safe, calm, and hopeful. It can be used by health professionals and people of the general public alike. The guide also outlines tips and exercises specifically for helping adults and children that a person can use to soothe someone in distress.

National Pediatric Readiness Project: Preparing the Emergency Department to Provide Psychosocial Support to Children and Families in A Disaster

  • This webinar discussed short- and long-term effects of disaster on the psychological functioning, emotional adjustment, health, and developmental trajectory of children; identified key elements in the behavioral health domain essential to the provision of psychosocial support to children and families in the aftermath of disaster; and described practical ways to incorporate behavior health policies and practices into disaster plans and embed them into everyday practice. (October 2015)