Family & Caregiver Preparedness

Family & Caregiver Preparedness

Back to School Checklist 2020

New Checklist Aims to Help Families Communicate with the Provider About School Options

The University of Miami’s Mailman Center for Child Development together with the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Family Network on Disabilities developed a checklist—available in both English and Spanish—to help families discuss the best school option with their family provider.

Recommended Links

Nearly every website has a COVID-19 page. These are the websites that we trust for the most accurate and up-to-date information for families.

ECHO / ARCHE / TREKK COVID-19 Family ED infographic

What to expect at the emergency department

Canada's ECHO Research, along with the Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence (ARCHE) and Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK), have developed a new resource to help families navigate the Emergency Department (ED).

Visiting the ED with a child can be scary and overwhelming, especially when
you don’t know what to expect. Some hospital procedures have changed due to
COVID-19, and specific information related to the COVID-19 pandemic has
been included in this infographic.

Visit to view the infographic.

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark

Baby Shark sing-along (YouTube)

Downloadable Resources

StopVirusWorksheet image.png
Worksheets - What Can I Do to Stop the Virus?

From K5 Learning, this is series of three worksheets: What can I do to stop the virus; Good habits to stop the virus; and Avoid spreading germs. Click here to download the worksheets.

COVID-19 Infographic CYSHCN
COVID-19 Family Preparedness

The EIIC partnered with our Family Advisory Network (FAN) to create this infographic to help families with Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYSHCN) to prepare and cope with COVID-19. Click here to download the infographic

Emergency Information Form
Template: Emergency Information Form

From the City of Los Angeles, this form helps families keep information handy for use in an emergency.

Coronavirus: What parents should know and do
Coronavirus: What Parents Should Know and Do

February 5, 2020, Harvard Health Publishing

Get Ready: COVID-19 Fact Sheet
COVID-19: get the facts on the 2019 coronavirus

Get Ready, an initiative of the American Public Health Association

Family Child Care Emergency Preparedness
Family Child Care Emergency Preparedness

January 22, 2020 by Jillian Ritter

RBC Teen Tips
Teen Tips – Staying Energized During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's

Sleeping Tips for the COVID-19 Pandemic From a Rainbow Sleep Expert

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's