Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis

The Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) workgroup focuses on equipping regions with tools for preparing for and mitigating against disasters, with particular considerations on how they uniquely influence pediatric patients. The group aims to have emergency managers and hospital representatives complete pediatric HVAs, which seek to identify various hazards (natural, human-derived, etc.), their probability of occurrence, their potential impact on children, and how prepared the given community is to handle such an event.

The Pediatric HVA assessment tool was created by Region V for Kids, one of three ASPR Pediatric Centers of Excellence. This tool is a method of determining hazards' impacts on a region and how prepared regions are for the pediatric consequences of each hazard.

Hazard Awareness Infographic

This infographic provides community, hospital, public health, policymakers, and first responders with awareness, preparedness, response, and mitigation intelligence unique to children associated with covering twenty-four hazards. 

All Hazards Pediatric Risks (March 2023)

Threat Assessment, Hazard Identification & Risk

This infographic was designed to provide essential facts and figures informing disaster preparedness efforts for children living in Ohio and Michigan. The 2020 Top Vulnerabilities identified by Eastern Great Lakes Regional Healthcare Coalitions are addressed. Awareness, Preparedness, Response and Mitigation efforts unique to children are detailed.

Last updated (April 2023)

Threat Assessment, Hazard Identification & Risk (March 2023)

Regional Health Coalition Top 5 Hazard Vulnerabilities (March 2023)