Get Ready for the 2021 Assessment!

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Need to find your previous results?

ED personnel who wish to obtain a copy of their facility's assessment results should contact their local State Partnership Manager. To find their contact information, please visit our EMSC Grants Database. Select "State Partnership" from the type dropdown as well as your state and check the "current" radio button. Click "View Grant Details" to see the contact information for your state.

If you have any questions regarding the NPRP assessment, contact the Pediatric Readiness Assessment Support at

A Tale of Two Assessments

There are currently two complementary assessments underway targeting pediatric readiness of emergency departments (EDs). These assessments are led by two different organizations and have similar, yet distinct goals.

Your participation in both assessments will contribute to the improvement of emergency care for children across all U.S. EDs. We encourage you to review this chart to better understand how each of these efforts can benefit you and your ED, and to learn the differences between the two assessments.