Welcome to the PECC Workforce Development Collaborative!

Our goal is to develop individuals who are interested in improving the quality of pediatric care at their EMS agency, hospital or within their state/region. As a participant, you will delve into the seven pediatric readiness focus areas and examine the current state of each of these areas within your EMS agency or institution. With this knowledge and background, you will then work to implement an improvement project to start making changes at your site. No effort to improve pediatric emergency care is too small to make an impact.

We have an ambitious year ahead. To better support you we have assembled outstanding subject matter experts, compiled up-to-date resources and tools, and are standing ready with a dedicated administrative team. While we know there will be significant challenges along the way, we are excited for the journey. We hope that you find this a rewarding experience and we look forward to getting to know you all!

Warm regards,

The EIIC Team