Phase 2 - QI Projects


During Phase 2, you will design and implement a quality improvement project that aligns with one of the following areas:

Hospital / Prehospital Practitioners

  • The PECC Role
  • Equipment, Supplies, & Medications
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Care Team Competencies

EMSC Program Managers (only):

  • PECC Recruitment or plan for turnover
  • PECC Directory
  • PECC Educational Conference
  • PECC role in pediatric medical recognition or other local/state statutes


  • You will be expected to come to each session with the assigned slides completed to the best of your ability
  • Each session will begin with a 10-minute overview of the topic. You will then be assigned to a small breakout room of that is aligned with your project area. This small group will remain the same for the duration of Phase 2.
  • Each person will share their slide in a round-robin style. The goal is to give each other feedback, exchange ideas, and help troubleshoot challenges.
  • EIIC coaches will be present in each room to give advice and insight.
  • As every participant will be sharing their work, all individuals participating in Phase 2 must have an ongoing project. No one will be permitted to observe. Individuals from the same institution are permitted to collaborate on a project. However, as you may be in separate breakout rooms. Each person should be prepared to present the assigned slides.
  • You will be asked to submit your slides through the REDCap system no later than 12:00 midnight on the Sunday preceding the Thursday session. We will then compile the slides and send to your small breakout room for each to review.
  • Due to the multiple breakout rooms and out of respect for those who are willing to share their work, these sessions will NOT be recorded for later viewing.


  • 25 Maintenance of Certification credits will be awarded for physicians who implement or monitor the implementation of an intervention designed to improve an identified gap.
  • This may be used as a clinical ladder project. The EIIC is happy to provide a letter or any other documentation that you might need to support your advancement.