How It Works

The collaborative will occur in two parts. During the first half, we will explore seven pediatric readiness areas of focus, evaluate your EMS agency or ED/hospital level of pediatric readiness and identify areas for improvement. In the second half, we provide coaching and tools to help you develop an improvement project

Seven Pediatric Readiness Areas of Focus

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Seven Pediatric Readiness Areas of Focus 03Marc2021


The PECC role can differ based on your role within your agency or ED/hospital. For this reason, we have developed four different tracks to enable customization of the content and foster relationships among your colleagues. We encourage multidisciplinary teams from each EMS agency or ED/hospital to join the collaborative to accelerate improvement in pediatric readiness.

  1. EMS Practitioners
  2. ED / Hospital-based Nurses or Healthcare Professionals
  3. ED / Hospital-based Physicians or Advanced Practice Providers
  4. EMSC State Partnership Program Managers

Part 1 : September 2021 – March 2022

Each month, we will explore one of the seven pediatric readiness areas of focus during a two hour-long learning session. During the first hour, we will introduce the topic, examine best practices that PECCs from around the country are using to drive pediatric readiness and suggest improvement strategies that you can employ at your EMS agency, ED/hospital or within your region. During the second hour, we will divide into track-specific breakout rooms to dig deeper into the topic.

The Learning Sessions are not intended to be passive learning webinars. You are encouraged to ask questions and engage with both the subject matter expert leads and your fellow participants. Please refer to the calendar of events for exact dates. These sessions will be recorded and posted to the webpage for those who cannot attend. Meeting links will be sent via calendar invites to all registered participants as well as be posted to the Participants-Only webpage.

Each focus area guide will be accessible through the collaborative website and as a downloadable packet that will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month.

Environmental Scan

After developing a thorough understanding of the focus area, you will evaluate the focus area as it currently exists at your EMS agency or ED/hospital. The goal is to identify areas for improvement that can be addressed during Part 2. To do this, we have developed a structured set of questions (termed an '"environmental scan") that you will answer in a survey system called REDCap. Upon completion of the questions in REDCap, you will be sent a PDF copy of your answers as well as be able to access a personal dashboard where you’ll track your progress through the focus areas and see the gaps you identified.

Part 2 : April – June 2022

After developing a thorough understanding of the seven areas of focus you will develop an implementation plan to improve pediatric readiness at your EMS agency, ED/hospital or within your region. Based on the gap identification work that you do in Part 1, you will develop an improvement project that falls within one of the following four areas.

Improvement Project Topic Areas

  1. Formalizing the role of the PECC
  2. Secure essential pediatric equipment, supplies or medications
  3. Develop a program to train and assess care team pediatric competencies
  4. Develop a policy, protocol, pathway, or decision support tool

During Part 2, participants will be grouped based on implementation project type, rather than track, as we hope to foster a collective understanding on the processes that drive change across the continuum of care.

Monitoring Progress

We have developed distinct phases/milestones for each implementation project area that will be used to track your progress towards implementation. You will complete a short monthly progress questionnaire through REDCap.