What is a PECC?

A Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC)--sometimes referred to as a pediatric champion or pediatric liaison--is a term that the EMSC program uses to refer to any individual who has a particular interest in or responsibilities related to pediatric emergency care. Sometimes this individual is dedicated solely to this role. However, depending on the pediatric volume of the EMS agency or hospital, this person may take on the PECC duties in addition to other responsibilities (e.g., educator, trauma coordinator, etc.). Various roles and responsibilities are often given to a PECC but common responsibilities include ensuring the availability of pediatric equipment, supplies and medications, pediatric education/training and advocating for pediatric considerations to be included in protocol/policy development.

Who should participate?

The collaborative is open to anyone--including current PECCS--that is interested in improving pediatric readiness at within their EMS agency, ED, hospital, state, or region. This includes EMSC State Partnership Programs who are interested in identifying how they can better support pediatric readiness efforts. You do NOT need to have any formal pediatric training, or a title related to pediatric care. You already have everything you need to participate…an interest in pediatric emergency care.

Can I participate in more than one track?

At the start of the collaborative, each participant will complete an intake questionnaire. Part of that questionnaire will ask with which track you would like to align. However, that will not lock you into that track. Each month, following our general session, we will have track-specific breakout sessions. Participants are welcome to attend any track’s breakout session each month or even jump between different tracks during the session.

My schedule prevents me from attending the live sessions, can I still participate?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded and you will be given the opportunity to virtually collaborate with other participants. However, CE credit will only be available to those attending the live sessions. Click here to access the session recordings.

Are trainees (residents, fellows etc.) allowed to participate?

Yes. A "PECC" or "pediatric champion" simply refers to any individual that is interested in improving the quality of pediatric emergency care. As future leaders in the field, we strongly encourage all types of trainees to register (please ensure you secure permission from your leadership).

Is the collaborative open to hospitalists?

Pediatric hospitalist often back up general emergency departments and are more than welcome to join the collaborative.

What is the total time commitment?

We are asking for 2-3 hours per month from September 1, 2021 through June 2022 (10 months). This includes a single, 2-hour virtual learning session and an optional 1-hour coaching session.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is not cost to participate.

How do I register?

Registration is still open! You may register here: https://redcap.dellmed.utexas.edu/surveys/?s=8XLD3MKNDE

I am a state partnership manager, does this meet the HRSA requirement of participating in a collaborative?

Yes. If you complete an improvement project (Phase 2) aimed at supporting PECCs in your state/territory, this will count as participating in a collaborative.

Will continuing education (CE) credit be offered?

CAPCE, CNE and Maintenance of Certification Part 4 (MOC Part 4) will be available to all participants at no cost.

What is Pediatric Readiness?

Pediatric Readiness is ensuring that every EMS agency and emergency department has the right equipment, supplies, medications and training to provide high-quality emergency care for children. Every Child. Every Day. Learn more about the National Pediatric Readiness Project here.

Do you have a brief document I can take to my leadership to convince them to participate in the project?

Click here to download the flyer or visit our Spread the Word page for more materials

What is REDCap

REDCap stands for Research Electronic Data Capture system. This secure, HIPAA-complaint database system was developed by Vanderbilt University and is widely used by academic institutions and hospitals for research and quality improvement projects. Details on how to access and use the system during our welcome session. You can also learn more about REDCap here: https://www.project-redcap.org/.

Who should I contact with questions?