Environmental Scan

The purpose of this environmental scan is to 1) conduct a baseline assessment of your hospitals’ current state of preparedness and 2) to inform us, the collaborative administrative team, of the current disaster preparedness work at your institution so that we can ensure the activities of this collaborative compliment ongoing efforts and are appropriately adjusted to your hospitals’ level of preparedness so that this collaborative is a valuable use of your time. Each hospital will receive a simple score on this Environmental Scan. Only the aggregate, not individual, scores will be shared with the larger collaborative. This score is simply one of the ways for us to measure the effectiveness of this collaborative. It in no way a comprehensive reflection of the quality of care at your hospital.

We do not want you to spend a lot of time digging up the answers for this baseline assessment. It is perfectly acceptable to NOT have the answers to some of these questions. Most questions give you the option of “unsure”. Participants will delve further into many of the elements of your hospital disaster plan that we ask about here during the upcoming modules.

Date 07/08/2020 07/15/2020
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Last updated 07/06/2020