Detailed Schedule of Events

Official Launch & Welcome

Date: July 7 @ 12:00 ET / 11:00 CT

We will launch the collaborative via teleconference with introductions of all our participants and subject matter experts. We will review our expectations, goals, review the data collection process and give an overview of the important of the pediatric champion.

Environmental Scan

Date: July 7-14

Before we launch into the learning modules, each hospital will complete an Environmental Scan. The purpose of this environmental scan is to 1) conduct a baseline assessment of your hospitals’ current state of preparedness and 2) to inform us, the collaborative administrative team, of the current disaster preparedness work at your institution so that we can ensure the activities of this collaborative compliment ongoing efforts and are appropriate for your hospitals’ level of preparedness so that this collaborative is a valuable use of your time.

Learning Session #1

Date: July 14 @ 12:00 ET / 11:00 CT

During our first Learning Session we will review the results of the Environmental Scan. We will also introduce the first set of modules as well as give an overview of the role of Pediatric Champion.

Internal Pediatric Disaster Preparedness

Module 1: The Pediatric Champion

Date: July 15-28

In our first module, participating sites will define the roles and responsibilities of the pediatric champions as it related to disaster preparedness. This will include completing the National Pediatric Readiness Project ED Checklist and Assessment (if not already done so by the hospital) to assess their baseline pediatric readiness score.

Module 2: Current Policies and Drill History

Date: July 29 - Aug 11

The second module will include a review of your hospital's current disaster policies for the inclusion of pediatric-specific needs and participation in previous drills or exercises.

Module 3: Tabletop Exercise

Date: Aug 12-25

During this two-week period, we ask that each hospital chose and complete one of several tabletop exercises designed to test departmental engagement and communication. Each site will complete and upload an After Action Report (template will be provided).

Learning Session #2

Date: Aug 25 @ 12:00 CT /11:00 ET

We will debrief the tabletop exercises and review the After Action Reports as a groups. Participants will be able to ask questions and get feedback on their exercise. We will also introduce our next focus area: regional coalition building.

Regional Disaster Coalitions

Module 4: Regional Coalition Building and Drill / Exercise History

Date: Aug 26 - Sept 9

In this module, hospitals will identify and connect with their local disaster coalition. Contact information for key individuals will be obtained and the coalition will be evaluated for the inclusion of pediatric expertise and awareness of pediatric needs in an emergency. Hospitals will review their coalition's drill history for the inclusion of pediatric-specific needs and review the coalition's Pediatric Annex (if available)

Module 5: Participation in Regional Drill

Date: Sept 10

Hospitals will participate (virtual) in a regional exercise developed by the Eastern Great Lakes Pediatric Consortium for Disaster Response. This will be a full-day event with a morning didactic session followed by a tabletop exercise in the afternoon. The exercise will test the mobilization of resources within the hospital's local community in response to an explosion / loss of a major section of the power grid and the need to evacuate a large number of pediatric patients.

Learning Session #3

Date: Sept 15 @ 12:00 CT / 11:00 ET

During this learning session, we will review the regional exercise and After Action Reports from the group. Our subject matter experts will help troubleshoot any issues that arose during the exercise and then give an introduction to patient tracking and reunification.

Patient Tracking & Reunification

Module 6: Review of Current Tracking and Reunification Processes

Date: Sept 16-29

In this module, sites will review the hospital's current plan and resources for reuniting pediatric patients with their parents or caregivers.

Module 7: Create/Update a Tracking & Reunification Plan

Date: Sept 30 - Oct 13

Sites will be guided by a series of change strategies that can be employed to strengthen their site's patient tracking and reunification plan.

Module 8: Collaborative Evaluation, Lessons Learned, and Sustainability Planning

Date: Oct 14-27

In our final module, sites will form a plan for to continue improving their site's ability to receive and treat children in a disaster. Possible areas for future work might include triage, interfacility transfer and behavioral health.

Final Learning Session

Date: October 27 @ 12:00 ET / 11:00 CT

We will bring the collaborative to a close by identifying best practices and celebrating our successes.

Calendar invites for the Learning Sessions are available. However, they will not be made publicly available on this site. Please email Meredith Rodriguez at for the call information