2021 EMSC Scholars and Fellows

EMSC Scholars Program

This program is designed to support early career clinicians and health-systems professionals to become future leaders in the EMSC space. During this 1-2 year program, EMSC Scholars will work alongside EIIC leaders to develop and implement a unique project focused on a key area(s) of interest. EMSC Scholars’ projects cross two or more areas of interest including advocacy, knowledge translation, knowledge dissemination, marketing and communications, prehospital pediatric readiness, pediatric readiness of emergency departments, quality improvement methodology, analytics, workforce development, health policy, healthcare administration, research, and value-based care. To learn more about the 2021 Scholars, click here.

EMSC Fellows Program

This program is designed to support trainees and early career professionals with an opportunity to engage in EIIC-led efforts to better understand systems-based strategies for improvement. Fellows are invited to serve on national steering committees to better understand the work of EMSC stakeholders. Fellows are assigned to a single area of focus and one or more EIIC mentors who will provide ongoing support and opportunities for participation. To learn more about the 2021 Fellows, click here.